We Found A Bug! ACTION REQUIRED for all Profile Builder users

We found a major bug in our script that detects when you change your model name on Myfreecams.com

If your model name in the Profile Builder does not match the model name you have set on Myfreecams your profile will not display correctly. Your profile images are linked to your model name on Myfreecams to provide some protection against hotlinking. Our script automatically fixes the issue if your model name is set incorrectly by mistake however there’s been a problem with the way the script runs. Instead of correcting the model name it may have changed your model name to “https”. This will cause all of the images on your profile to break.

We have fixed the problem that caused this however if your model name has been set to https you’ll need to fix this in the Profile Builder yourself.

What you need to do:

Log into the Profile Builder and in the Main Menu click “Basic Settings”. Then in the Box under Model Name ensure that the name matches your current model name on Myfreecams. If it is incorrect please fix it.

Click the blue “Save Changes” Button at the bottom to save your changes.

You do not need to reinstall your profile code. If your profile has been displaying incorrectly due to this bug please clear your cache then refresh the page on Myfreecams.com to check it has been fixed. We’ve included some images below to help you follow these instructions.

If you have any questions please let us know and we do apologize for the inconvenience.

-Lacey & Moros


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