Twitter Give Away Day!

We just made some really cool upgrades to our Gift Voucher system that allow us to generate vouchers for smaller subscription times (like 7 days or 1 day). This will be really helpful for occasional smaller give aways! To celebrate, we’re giving away 10 Profile Builder gift codes today! Some will be for just a few days, and there will be at least one 30 day subscription up for grabs! We will be dropping these codes on our Twitter account randomly throughout the next 24 hours.


To take advantage make sure you keep a really close eye on our Twitter account.

If you don’t already have an account on our site, make sure you’re registered (it’s free!).

Login and bookmark the “Gift History” page.

When you see us tweet the code copy + paste it into the Gift Voucher redemption box on that page.

If you got there first the gift voucher will be applied to your account. If you already have an active subscription this will simply add the time to your subscription expiry date. You can check your expiry date on the Account page.

If someone beat you to it this time you’ll get an error message that says in red “Code does not exist or has already been redeemed”   

So keep an eye on our Twitter @CammodelExpress today for the 10 free gift vouchers we’ll be posting! 


MEMBERS: Please note these giveaways are ONLY for models use on their Cammodel Express accounts. If you’d like to help your favourite model take advantage of the giveaway send her the codes when we post them so she can redeem them! Help her out by keeping an eye on out! 


Thank you, and enjoy GIVEAWAY DAY!

-Lacey & Moros

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