Try the Profile Builder Free Demo!

We’ve changed the way the site looks a little bit, and you can now pre-register for the Profile Builder tool. There’s no obligation to buy anything, but once you register you can try out the demo NOW!   You won’t be able to use what you create on your profile until we make this available for purchase, but you can make an account and go in and try things out, get creative and see how everything works.

A couple of things you should be aware of:

  1. The demo is only available for 7 days after you register.
  2. We have not yet published the instructions for the profile builder. We think it’s pretty intuitive, but if you check out the demo now, you’ll be doing so without the instruction manual. If you scroll down, we’ve provided some really basic instructions on how to begin and what the buttons do.

Our launch date of the 19th of this month is still going as planned, however we are currently waiting on the OK from our payment processor. It is possible this could push our launch date back by a few days. We’ll keep you in the loop and if you pre-register we’ll send you an email reminder as soon as its available for purchase.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!



Basic instructions to get started with the demo:


Once you’ve registered and logged in, click “Profile Builder” to try the free demo

You will see buttons on the left menu and a preview window on the right.  To get started, click Basic Settings and enter your model name (or member name) to get started, then click “grab broadcaster ID”.

From there you can play with adding content and changhing how everything looks.

  • Add Sections will allow you to add any content you like, create social media and offline tip buttons, tip menus and video showcases.
  • Profile settings allows you to hide or show different elements of your profile, like your ‘rate and admire’ section for example.
  • Theme settings will let you control the look and feel of your profile. This is where you set up color schemes, and set your background images.
  • Reset Data will let you undo all your hard work, if you get confused or want to start fresh.
  • Code: This is the part where we give you a big piece of HTML code to copy paste into your profile, and another piece of CSS to copy paste into your CSS settings. In the Demo, you will not get any code here because this is the part that needs to be purchased.

Remember we’ll have a full instruction manual available by the time we launch this product for sale, so please dont worry if you can’t figure something out.

To get started Click HERE  and click “Register” on the right side.

Important: Many email hosts will put your registration email in “SPAM”. Please check your spam folder for our registration confirmation email. Thank you! 

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