Today’s Tip: Snapcash Warning from @OUSweetheart

Check out this important security tip!

Be really careful accepting snap cash. Snap Cash and Square Cash are the same thing, they’re owned by the same folks. Since it’s routed through your phone number if you have both accounts, (square cash + use Snapchat) anyone sending you snap cash will see your real name, first and last in their transaction history.

So! It’s cool to accept snap cash, just make sure to never create a square cash account at any point, or essentially the act of sending you money will give them access to your real name.

-Summer Hart



IMPORTANT NOTE: Snapcash is NOT adult friendly. While you can use it carefully as OUSweetheart explains above please realize that you will still be breaking their TOS. We are providing this security information because we know that despite it being against the TOS many cammodels still choose to use Snapcash.

Snapcash’s TOS states: “…will not accept payments in connection with… Adult entertainment oriented products or services (in any medium, including internet, telephone or printed material)”   

CammodelExpress does not advocate breaking the TOS of any company.



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