Todays Tip: Routines

To make steady income from camming you’ll need to be consistent. Especially on social sites where most of your income is generated from regs. Also on clip sites etc the models who are consistently producing content on a regular schedule are the ones who are most well known. You’ll also need to make sure you’re reliable and that you don’t forget to send things people tip for etc.

Building up routines for camming and how you run your business will help with this. There are lots of small actions you need to take when you’re building a camming business that can get forgotten. Keeping a running to do list somewhere will help, but for small tasks that you easily forget (like sending out videos, or snapchatting daily) it’s a good idea to build them into a routine. If you always forget to send out content, make it a routine that as soon as you log off cam you send out any content that people have tipped for before you break down your camming set up. The action of logging off cam will become a mental trigger so that you always remember to do it. If you forget to send snapchats daily, set up a couple ‘triggers’ in your day where you always stop and take some snaps. First thing when you wake up or as you get in the shower you could stop for a few moments and take snapchats, then as you’re doing your make up for cam each day you could add snapchatting to your routine there.

If you’re struggling to keep up a habit with anything – whether it’s logging on at a certain time, fulfilling custom orders, maintaining subscription services or using social media if you build these actions into a daily or weekly routine you’ll find it becomes less of a mental effort to force yourself to do them and they’ll become much easier to do.


We’d love to hear what routines and habits you have that help you be consistent on cam!


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