Today’s Tip: Profile Builder Graphics

Today’s tip is for those models who like to change their color schemes on their profile a lot and find themselves constantly having to remake any custom graphics they have on their profile. Sometimes for promotional graphics etc this may be a normal day to day thing, but what if you have a graphic for your club or something similar that will always be on your profile? If you make the image transparent or semi-transparent you’ll find that you can make these graphics adapt to fit any theme. Here’s an example:

This is the graphic I made to be a title above a list of members in my membership club. My profile changes month to month but this club and this graphic won’t change. So I created this image in photoshop and set the background color to 50% opacity. Then I would render it as a PNG file (JPG files wil NOT preserve transparency) and post it on my profile. Whatever background color I have behind my graphic will now come through and make my graphic look like it was made to match whatever color scheme I have this month!


Here’s two examples of how it looks on different backgrounds:


Don’t have Photoshop?

You can use a free photo editor like GIMP to make a semi transparent PNG file. Here’s a tutorial about how to do it using GIMP 


I hope this helps you build a flexible profile that fits your needs!


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