Today’s Tip: Paperwork For Working With Other Models

Today’s tip isn’t very sexy but from a discussion today over on my camming Twitter (@MissLollipopMFC) I’ve realized it’s a subject that lots of models are confused about. Sometimes when we get confused or overwhelmed it’s easier just to avoid doing something rather than focussing on trying to figure it all out. If you’re working with another model this is a break down the kinds of paperwork you might want and why.

There are some sample forms and resources at the bottom for you. Also please be aware I’m not a lawyer (duh) this is not legal advice (duh) and if you want legal advice you should prolly go find a lawyer.

If you will be sharing bodily fluids you should have up to date (industry standard is within the last 2 weeks) STI testing.

You can get this from your Dr, Planned Parenthood or a lab. Often times Dr’s offices won’t send you a copy of the results unless there is something wrong, so make sure you ask for it while you’re getting tested. HIV testing alone is not enough. Take your paperwork with you to your shoot and show it to the person you’re working with, then ask to see theirs. If this is awkward, or a bit weird to you then don’t have unsafe sex. It’s going to be a hell of a lot worse if you get sick with something.

Remember that STI tests do not catch everything, and that there is always some risk involved. Make a responsible, informed decision about how much risk is ok for you. 

Remember that there are lots of things you can do that do not require fluid sharing but can make you money. Strap-on sex, using toys on each other, side by side masturbation, finger banging, strip teases, lot’s of BDSM or fetish activities are all good options. Remember to wash your hands and don’t share toys (or put a clean condom on them).

If you are recording videos or pictures a Model Release is industry standard.

Model Release’s can be created for shared content (where you both share the content and sell it) or for trade shoots (where you take one piece of content and the other model takes the other). The purpose of a model release is to clearly define who owns what, and how they may use it. You can find sample model releases online and alter them for your needs. Remember to cover if you are agreeing to both sell it at a paticular price point, any sites or uses it cannot be used for etc.

If you are hosting videos on your own site (or might in future) OR if you use sites that require you keep your own paperwork you should have 2257 compliant documentation.

2257 documents are required by law in the US. They are designed to help combat child pornography. If you look at any adult website you’ll see they have a 2257 compliancy statement somewhere on the site that states that they keep the required documentation to prove all performers are over the age of 18. 2257 laws are incredibly complicated and it is nearly impossible to be in full compliance. However you should make a good faith effort to follow the laws which require:

  • You keep a copy of a current US govt issued photo ID of every performer.
  • You have a signed 2257 compliant release form for every single piece of content you produce.

Sample 2257 compliant forms are provided below. There are many other regulations surrounding 2257 compliance including things like this information from @MsAlexEmpire:

In addition to the regular 2257 forms you have to have signed, you also have to keep a living document of every single location that the film or any derivative products (gifs, stills, 20 second previews) are uploaded and update it any time you run it again. So every time you want to post a still of a video to twitter, update the document. It would be a full time job.

If an American wants to work with someone from outside of the US in order to be 2257 compliant for the American the other model needs an ID (or passport) issued by an American government (federal or state) organization. An ID from their home country is not sufficient unfortunately.

The investigative branch is not active and the 2257 laws and regulations are primarily used when they are prosecuting or investigating reported child pornography. So far, it hasn’t been used to do witch hunts. Keep thorough age records in case you’re ever required to prove it, and don’t stress too much.  Make decisions about what is reasonable and how much risk is acceptable to you.

Protecting your personal information

Often you will find yourselves sharing personal and private information with other models. Many models value their privacy and sometimes it’s easy to assume that because we feel this way other models will have the same standards. For example, you might closely guard your real name from everyone including members and models but another model you work with may share her real name with any model she meets.  Don’t assume that just because you have some personal information about someone else they will be inclined to respect your privacy. Asking them to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement or a Privacy Agreement is a good way to make sure they know the following things:

  • You are serious about them respecting your privacy
  • Makes clear to them specifically what you consider private information and who they may share it with
  • Provides some legal protection if they should ever breech the agreement.

Typical non disclosure agreements you’ll find online will not include your legal name or home address as ‘confidential information’ so you may want to alter one to specify these things.

EDIT 1/20/2018 A tip from Chellsterz

Get your NDA’s signed before you disclose any personal information. Technically most NDA’s only cover information shared after the document is signed.

Final thoughts:

I’ve worked with close to 100 models in my 6 years as a cammodel. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. Here’s some final tips:

  • Make sure you discuss your requirements for testing and paperwork at the time you are setting up the shoot.
  • Even if you’ve worked with a model before, remind her about what you ask for.
  • Offer to sign the same documents and provide the same documentation to the model you’re working with.
  • If someone is resistant to signing something or providing up to date testing, usually that is a red flag.


  1. @PornLaw is a great twitter account run by an adult industry lawyer. He’s been very helpful with answering questions for us in the past about 2257 laws!
  2. Click Here for the 2257 compliant model release which clips4sale provides as an example form to their content creators. 
  3. Click Here for a 2257 form provided courtesy of @MsAlexEmpire. She also provided the following info/notes about it:
    “For the 2257 form, title of production is not required at the time of the signing, it can be added later for notes. It is not required by law, but some sites (cough, model centro, cough) required it. This  was checked and approved by the 2257 lawyer that gives a class at FetCon and he blessed off on them.”
  4. Click Here for a sample Model Release courtesy of @MsAlexEmpire. She also provided the following info/notes about it:
    “This release was checked and approved by the 2257 lawyer that gives a class at FetCon and he blessed off on them.  this is the wording for TRADE content. If models are doing shared content, they will want to modify the document. They can do that before printing, or write it on the back and have both parties sign the back as well. Both are legal.”
  5. Click Here for an NDA provided by @Chellsterz
  6. Click Here for some information and resources about getting STI tested in the US and internationally
  7. Click here  to visit the @TalentTesting website which offers adult industry compliant next day test results. 


If you have other research resources or sample forms you’d like us to include in this post please Contact Us or Tweet us! Also if you’re aware of any errors I may have made please let me know. I’m by no means an expert!

No part of this post is sponsored. Extra thanks to @MsAlexEmpire for sharing her research and @PornLaw for answering some of our questions about this. Please remember none of this is legal or medical advice – proceed accordingly!

Thanks for Reading – Lacey


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