The Hustler Honey Planner is designed for us

Hi guys! It’s been a while since I’ve posted due partly to the fact that CammodelExpress is in it’s ‘winding down’ phase. A few years back we had realized there was a huge need for a planner or organizational tool that was industry-specific.  I personally moved from planners into bullet journalling (a kind of planner you create yourself around your own needs) simply because all the planners on the market were absolutely not helpful for my business!

So I was delighted to see a fellow model had created a planner designed for adult industry performers who do camming, clips or phonesex. Valentina was kind enough to send me a copy and I’ve had it a couple of weeks now to test it out. It really is tailored so beautifully for models looking to be more organized with their business. It takes a lot to tear me away from my bullet journal but I have switched over to using the Hustler Honey Planner specifically for all my work-related planning and keeping the bullet journal for personal life and my daily ‘to do’ list/logs.

I was expecting a planner that was more flexible than regular planners with some industry-specific tools but it really blew me away with just how much Valentina has packed in there. It’s flexible while at the same time being very very specific to our needs. The planner is business focussed and you’d better be prepared to get a really honest picture of your work if you start using it. My favorite thing is the amount of data tracking tools included.


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What’s inside:

It’s an A5 size 12 month planner, but the months are not labelled so you can start wherever you want within the year.

Each month comes with:

  • Title page
  • Monthly Plan page with goal setting space for industry-specific things like camming hours, work hours, clip releases etc.
  • Monthly Work Time Log
  • Habit Tracker
  • Weekly Hourly Schedule (1 week – intended for a recurring weekly schedule, yay consistency!)
  • Weekly Planner (5 weeks)
  • Finances Tracking page
  • Ideas Pages
  • Monthly Call & Call Profit Tracker
  • Monthly Clip Planner
  • Monthly Cam Planner
  • Monthly Earnings Trackers
  • Monthly Review Page
  • Fanbase Monthly (Subscription platforms)

Here’s some quick pictures of a few of my favorite pages that illustrate just how flexible and tailored this planner is.



I love the habit tracker and use it to track things daily work habits like stretching before cam, clearing my desk, backing up my harddrive, responding to emails and posting to Snapchat and Twitter.

The weekly hourly schedule is so great because the time slots are blank! Mainstream planners often leave only a small space for evening hours. Models work crazy hours and often have inconsistent schedules. The blank spaces allow you to schedule your work times around your actual real-life work schedule. I block schedule in pencil on this page and it works great to help me be consistent with a regular work schedule. This can work hand in hand with a digital calendar.

I was very impressed with the industry-specific tracking tools. The call tracker is intended for phonesex operators but it also translated nicely for me to include indie skype sessions. There’s a clip tracker that is absolutely perfect for clip makers. It lets you track every part of the process of clip making – scripting, filming, editing, uploading and release dates. I’ve been using a clip tracker almost identical that I draw up in my bullet journal each  month and I find transferring clips that are unfinished (ie. sitting in my edit queue) each month helps me realize which clips I’ve been putting off finishing – after you’ve transferred the same clip into your edit queue 3 months in a row it’s a good motivator to get it done!

The cam planner prompts you to analyze what you did on cam this month, what your theme was, what worked and what didn’t and space to plan out promotions etc.  This works well for something like camming which varies so much from model to model.

The earnings tracker is intended for multiple streams of income. It has space to track up to 6 different platforms and helps you see at a glance which platforms earn you the most and the least. Finally, there’s a monthly review with space to track hours, followers, earnings etc then some prompts to write about what worked and what didn’t as well as a gratitude space which I really love. There’s also the fanbase page to plan and track two subscription platforms.

At the end of the planner is a great little group of extra planning spreads. A side by side monthly comparison for your yearly camming and phonesex data will help you track trends and really get the big picture. There’s space for a mood board (I want to use this to create a mini vision board). There are pages to keep your passwords, character creation sheets and financial tracking and general setting.

Highly functional, stylish but not over-designed, the Hustler Honey Planner is a superb tool. It can help you set goals, track progress and run your adult business instead of letting it run you. 

You can find them on twitter @AdultGirlBoss

I can’t wait to have all this data in one place at the end of the year. Valentina created a truly unique tool. I love that it’s sex workers creating things for others in our industry. If you need to get seriously organized or you’re sick of trying to make mainstream organizational tools fit your individual needs check this planner out.






































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