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First things first….

MAKE YOUR SNAPCHAT PUBLIC and then pimp it out to everyone. The more views you have on your story the better. Snapchat is a great way to advertise all of your services and let people feel like they are getting to know you. Letting them feel like they are getting to know you is the KEY aspect into conversions on social media in general, specifically Snapchat.

There is a common misconception that anyone who adds your snap, you have to add back. Don’t do this!! People add your story because they want to follow you, doesn’t mean you have to add them back. IF you are going to have one account for both your public snapchat and premium, it is important to only add your premium members to your friends list.


Your public snapchat story is there to market and convert. Post whatever you want, the important thing is to keep it genuine. Post random thoughts, what you are doing through the day, your food, your animals.. whatever it is that will help them feel like they know more about you. The key to snapchat conversions is brand loyalty. These guys are not on snapchat to pay money to see naked snaps, so you cannot treat snapchat like a cam site. It takes subtle selling. Just because guys don’t buy right away doesn’t mean that they won’t eventually. The best way to do this is through building a connection. Allowing them to see bits and pieces of your personality on your public story is what builds that connection and they will want to see more. What works best for me personally is a balance between day to day things mixed in with teasing snaps.

Post a few personal snaps, followed by a few teasing snaps and then BAM! Hit them with the link to upgrade to your premium. Lather, rinse, repeat.


NO. It is extremely easy to use one snapchat account for both public snaps and your premium snaps.

1. Add the premium snap member onto your friends list
2. When you’re ready to post on your premium story go to your settings.
3. Under settings scroll down to “View My Story” Switch the view from Everyone to Custom. (If you have a lot of people to block, put a 1. at the beginning of their name. This will put them all in a group that you can scroll and block without having to search through your entire friends list each time you go custom.)

(IMPORTANT! make sure to select “Custom” and not “my friends”)

4. Once you switch to Custom you will select the names of your friends who you want to BLOCK from seeing your story. If you don’t have anyone on your friends list to block, just select custom and leave the list alone. ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU ARE SELECTING CUSTOM, Selecting “my friends” will not work the same.

5. Once you have selected your block list, you can go back to your main snapchat area. Now you are set to post on your story for premium. You can post the same way you would for a public story, the difference being that the only people who will see your snaps that you post while under the “custom” setting are the ones who are on your approved custom list.(Anyone who you do not have on your friends list but views your public snap will automatically be blocked from viewing any snaps posted under custom) Post the naughty, and then switch your Views back to “everyone”. Anything that you posted under your story while under the custom setting will still only be viewable by your custom list. This enables you to keep your premium story up for your premium members for the full 24 hours.

VOILA, like magic BB’s. 

A few extra tips:

*Keep your settings on who can contact you to “my friends” if you don’t want to be bombarded by messages. Chatting with me on snap is a perk of a premium member, if they follow my story on public that is cool- but they don’t get to take my time for free. Plus, if you start to get lots of follows it will be a pain in the ass. I have 30K views on my snapchat and when I open it up I get thousands of messages coming in.
Keeping it to friends only will only increase sales by guys wanting to be able to talk to you.

Plus you can use this as a marketing technique by occasionally opening up your snaps and letting them say hi. Then after you get a few good conversations going “I wish we could keep talking but I normally have my snaps closed to everyone except premium members! I’m closing my snaps back up but if you want to be able to talk to me some more, you can upgrade here:”

*Charge extra for personal one on one snaps. I sell mine in blocks of time. 5 min, 10 min, 15 min. Just like a cam show. If they want personal attention they can pay for it. The premium snapchat price was just to get them in the door and see my premium STORY.

*Keep a note saved that clearly lists your rules for premium snapchat to send to every new premium member after you add them. If you don’t have a clear set rules, they will take advantage. Don’t let them.

*Set your premium price to a number that you are comfortable discounting. The word “coupon” gets them going. Offering sales will have guys who want your snap but are on the fence about it running to get it when it’s discounted.

*Streamline where you sell your snapchat. Pick an easy point and click site, and get a domain name registered. Mine is you could also do etc. Something short and easy to remember. Guys like easy, the less steps for a purchase the better. Once again, this is NOT A CAM SITE so you cannot treat it like one. The repetition of you posting your short/simple easy to remember link will make it simple for them to have a spur of the moment buy without having to search for a link to get to it. is much easier to remember than


  1. I love what you wrote it help me understand it more easily however I still don’t know how to make a Snapchat premium link that people can click on do you have any simple steps in creating the premium account I already made a brand new account and change the settings now I just need help with the next few steps Please

    1. Hey Carmella,

      We’d suggest you contact the author of this post, IvyAdams at some of the social media links provided in the post.


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