Profile Builder version

Released: July 3, 2017


  • Profile Size Bar.
  • Profile Size Notifications.
  • Toggle Control.
  • Grouped Profile Settings.
  • Activate/Deactivate FAQ, Tip Menu, or Showcase items with double click in item list.
  • Theme Setting presets.


The Profile Size Bar serves as a gauge of how much space you have left in your profile before it’s full! profiles have a limit of 200,000 characters. While this sounds like a lot, when you consider the HTML overhead of FAQ, Tip Menu, and Showcase sections characters can be eaten away rather quickly. There are 4 tiers of the Profile Size Bar, explained below, each has their own color.

Profile Size Notifications work in tandem with the Profile Size Bar to keep you informed about the status of your profile’s size. There are currently 4 tiers at which notifications will appear.

  • 0% to 25%
  • 26% to 50%
  • 51% to 75%
  • 76% and above

The appropriate notification will appear when the Profile Builder is loaded and each time your profile size moves from one tier into another tier. For example, moving from 25% to 26% will cause a notification to appear and the color of the Profile Size Bar to change. Profile Size Notifications are on by default, but can be deactivated from the Basic Settings page.

We’ve replaced all checkbox controls with a toggle control to make checkbox’d settings easier to use from touch screen devices.

Each group of settings on the Profile Settings page has been tied to navigation buttons at the top of the page. We hope this will make it easier for you to find the settings you want to change and quickly get past settings you’re not looking for.

FAQ, Tip Menu, and Showcase items can now be activated/deactivated by double clicking them in the item manager.

We’ve added pre-made presets to all themes. 10 presets for the Default theme, and 2 presets for each of the other themes.


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