MFC Share Tutorial for Members

We are normally a blog for Cam models however I’ve been noticing members having a hard time getting started on MFCshare. It pays to know your way around a site from the members perspective so that you can help them navigate it if needed. You can also link any confused members to this tutorial.


What is MFCshare and why should I use it?

MFC Share, a free photo & video host for the MyFreeCams community. It is a place where models can upload and sell their content that is directly connected and integrated with MFC. If you like to buy videos or pictures from models on MFC you should consider using MFCshare. Instead of waiting for a model to send a video, when you tip on MFCshare you get your video delivered immediately.


OK so lets get started learning our way around. This tutorial is for PC’s but the mobile version is pretty much the same from what I can tell. MFCShare is new and constantly being updated and having features added. So if something isn’t quite the same as in the tutorial it’s probably just out of date.. don’t sue me! 

Because MFC share is new it also means they are responding to feedback. If there is a feature you want, or something you think doesn’t work well please let them know. 

To get started go to

I suggest you bookmark this link. 

If you don’t have a Premium account on you wont be able to do much more than browse MFCshare. You will not be able to login to MFCshare. A Premium account costs $20 and you get 200tks to use however you like. You won’t ever be hit with recurring fees, and your premium membership is for life. It’s a no brainer!

Click “Login” in the top right corner of MFCshare to get started (circled in red)

What happens next depends on if you’re already logged in on or not. If you are logged in to your premium account there it will log you in automatically. If you are NOT logged in on you’ll get this pop up box and a pink error message right below the top banner. Click the Login link in the box and it will redirect you to the MFC home page where you can login. Once that’s done you must go back to MFCshare yourself. It Will Not Redirect You



The first thing you’ll see is your Feed. You can get back to it by clicking the “Feed” icon in the left side menu. Your feed shows recently uploaded albums. You can sort your feed using the options outlined in yellow below. In the example below, I’ve clicked “Following” and the only account I follow is Myfreecams so It’s just showing me their feed. If it’s turned on it will show a green border, if its turned off it will be grey.

Following: This is just on MFCshare. To follow a model go to their MFCshare homepage and click the follow link (more about this later)

Friends: This is your MFC friends list (not the friendslist from MFC profiles). Anyone you have friended on MFC will appear here.

Bookmarks: These are your MFC bookmarks. Anyone you have bookmarked on MFC will appear here.

All: All will show you ALL models uploading to MFCshare.

Online: This will show you just recent albums from models that are currently live streaming on MFC.

Free: This will only show you albums that are free.


How To Find A Model’s MFCshare Page

The simplest method is to go to the search bar at the top of the page (outlined in red below) and type the models name in. If you see the model in your feed you could also click her name next to her avatar (see near the bottom of the screenshot) and you will go directly to her mfcshare page.

What if you can’t remember her exact name?

Type a search with what you remember. For example, I searched Jolene and it pops up with the two models who have Jolene in their name. From there I can click on their name and go straight to their MFCshare page. 

What if I don’t care what model it is, I’m just really into armpits? (or whatever your paticular thing is..)

The search bar can help you there too! It also will search for albums containing that word in the title. It does not appear to search descriptions, collections, clubs or items. (So models, this means that using titles with keywords may be worth considering)

For example searching armpits brings up the following albums:



On the left side of the screen you’ll see the Menu. You can hide the menu or reveal it by clicking the Menu button (3 horizontal lines) at the top left corner.

Let’s go through each item on the menu and explain what each item is.

Explore: This takes you to a page that has various different albums featured on it for you to check out. They include Most Viewed Today, Newest Free Albums, Most Liked Today, Most Tipped Today, Newest Tip Albums. It also has a list of top models on the right side. If you like to buy content based on how new it is, or popularity this may be a good place to start.

Most Viewed: This takes you to a page that showcases albums that are recieving a lot of views. The default setting is Most Viewed In The Last 24 hours but you can click this at the top to reveal a drop down menu that lets you change it to Most Liked, Most tipped, Newest Albums and lets you choose from 24 hrs or All Time. It also lets you switch between all albums, or just free ones.

New Uploads: This takes you to a page that showcases the newest uploads. The default is set to “Free” but you can switch it to All. The drop down menu gives you the same options as the Most Viewed page ..which is weird.

Top Models: This takes you to a list of top models. You can change the setting to show Top Models by Tokens or Follows, and you can switch it up to be the last month, 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days or All time. You can also change it from Top Models to show models that are Online Now, New Models, Models that are your friends, Models you are following.

Online  Models: This takes you a list of models that are currently live on Myfreecams. You can also navigate there from the top models options.. which is weird.

New Models: This takes you to a list of new models. You can also navigate there from the top models options.. which is .. yup you guessed it.. weird. I am pretty sure this shows models that have their new model tag but I am not sure if it reflects the new model settings you have set on MFC itself, or if it’s the ‘default’ new model tag.

Feed: This is the main feed that is mentioned at the start of the tutorial.

Likes: This takes you to a list of any albums you’ve liked on MFCshare. This can be a good way to keep track of albums.

Clubs: You may not see this unless you’ve tipped for or recieved a voucher for a club. If you DO see it, this is where you go to find a list of the clubs you are a member of and to view or download the content that model has added to the club. If she adds new content you won’t be notified so make sure you check this often.

Tipped: If you tipped to buy access to an item or an album OR IF YOU REDEEMED A VOUCHER FOR ONE you’ll see a list of them here. If you Clubs you’ve tipped or recieved vouchers for access to will not appear here. If you download an item and lose it this is where you can go to redownload it. If the model deletes the item, it will not appear here.

Following: This is a list of models you are following on MFCshare. You can click on any one of them to go to their page quickly.

Recently Tipped: This is a list of items you’ve recently tipped for. This is just a quick access menu 🙂




OK so you’ve found yourself on a models MFCshare page. Wtf is all this shit? Items? Albums? Collections? Clubs?

MFCshare uses different terminology than most clipsites but I promise it’s not too hard to figure out and it’s made it really flexible for models to be creative about how they sell things!

A quick tip: To go directly to a models MFCshare page without using search use the following link and replace ModelName with the exact spelling of the model’s MFC name.


The image below gives you a basic idea of where things are located. In the content area if you scroll down the page you’ll see Albums, Collections, Items and then Clubs listed in the content area.

Navigation Bar:


Let’s look a little more closely at each of these things. If you dont see one of these things in the nav bar it means the model doesn’t have anything listed in that category. The number above each label indicates how many of that thing a model has available.

Albums: An album makes you think of a photo album but on MFC share it’s a one or more videos or pictures.  You will be able to stream or (if the model allows it) download videos and view or save pictures.

Collections: This is a group of albums. If a model has collections listed I reccomend navigating here first. This is also a way to buy content in bulk as models can set a price for an entire collection (Ie. Buy all my videos for 1000tks)

Items: This is basically a ‘store’. I don’t believe MFC offers any guarantees about recieving items you tip for in here so be cautious. This is the area where you’ll find models selling items like panties, snapchat, skype and just about anything that isn’t a picture or a video.

Clubs: Clubs are something you tip for access to. Models can put whatever they like in a club (albums, items or they may describe other perks in the description) and once you’ve joined a club the model can add new albums as she goes. Albums in a club cost may cost something or be free to club members. Models can set the membership to be for a certain amount of time (ie. 30 day membership) and you’ll automatically lose access when that time is up, OR they can set it to lifetime.

Views: This shows how many views the MFCshare page of the model has recieved. I’m not clear on whether this is unique views, whether it includes other pages or just the main page etc.

Followers: This shows how many people follow the model on MFCshare. The model cannot see if you follow her or not, just the number of people.

Share: This loads a pop up where you can copy a link, tweet, or even embed a models MFC share page into a webpage.

Follow: This is what you click if you want to Follow a model on MFC share! That way you can see when she posts new content in your feed and you’ll be able to navigate to her page quickly using the left side menu “Following” list.



All About Albums

OK so you clicked the “Albums” tab and now you wanna know what you’re looking at.

Organization within the Albums tab

The buttons at the top will help you organize what you’re looking at. Whichever option you select will be green.

All:“All” is selected by default. It will show you everything in whatever order the model has selected.

Free: Selecting “Free” will filter it to only free albums.

Tip: Selecting Tip will filter it to only albums that you can tip for access to.

Password: Selecting Password will filter it to only albums that the model can give you a password to view.

Featured: The “Featured” drop down lets you reorganize the albums to Most Recent first, or Most Viewed first.

What all the icons and words on the Albums mean:

Preview: To preview an album, IF the model has created a preview for it hovering over it will make it play. You will not hear any sound.  Want to read a description? Click any album and if there is a description it will be displayed below the preview.

Play Button: A play button means the album contains a video.

Camera Icon: The camera icon at the top right corner of an album tells you  how many photos are in that album (if it’s a free photoset it wont have anything in the middle)

Star Icon: The model has marked t hat album as featured.

Eye with a line through it: You wont see this unless the model has given you direct access some way but this means the album is unlisted. More about this later.

Grey Opaque Bar: If it has a grey opaque bar across it you have to do something to access it. More about that below this screenshot.



Password Albums: If the grey bar displays A lock icon with the letters PW indicate that the model can give you a password for this. If you’ve been given a password for this album click the album and enter the Password in the box provided.

Tip Albums: If the grey bar displays a token amount (eg: 500 tokens) that means you can tip that amount to get instant access. To do this click the album you want to purchase

VIP Albums: If the grey bar displays a ticket icon with the letters VIP it means the model can designate you as a VIP member to give you instant access to it. You won’t get any notification if a model has done this, but when you click the album it will let you access it.

Club Only Albums: If the grey bar displays the words Club Only it means that the ONLY way to get access to that video is to join a club. To find out which club, click the album and it will tell you which clubs that album is in and details about it. An album in a club that is also a VIP, Tip or Password album will NOT tell you what clubs it is in even when you click on it. Which is stupid. And I just wrote to MFC to suggest they change that.


Clicking On An Album

If you’re interested in an album, Click On It! You’ll see SOMETHING like this.

Title: At the top is the Album title.

Information & Sharing Below the title is the model name and avatar (click this to go back to her main MFCshare page) Beside this it will tell you how long ago the content was uploaded. The Green MFC button takes you to her MFC profile or chat room if she’s live. If you follow the model it will tell you that, if you don’t there will be a green “Follow Button” to click.

There is some more info the right side of this line (in the screenshot below it’s marked in blue) you’ll see a camera icon or a video camera icon or both with numbers beside it. That tells you how many videos and pictures are in this album. Next an Eye Icon with a number tells you how many times this album has been viewed. And the Heart tells you how many times the album has been Liked.

Finally the Share button and Like button give you the same options as the profile.


If the video has been listed in any collections these will be underneath this line. In the screenshot below, this is shown in purple. You can click these to go to that specific collection (and if there is a bulk price for the collection you can tip that from there)

Ways To Access: 

This area will be above the preview images. In the Screenshot this area is marked in red or if it is a club only album it will look like this.

In the case of club only you can click the green link to go to the club listing.

You may see various things here that will tell you how to access the album. If the album has a password there will be an area to enter this and click submit. If there is a tip amount set for this album you can click the green tip button to tip. It will let you confirm, and add a tip note. If you confirm and do not have enough tokens you will get an error message that explains this.

If you use any of the options for access you will get INSTANT access. You will not need to wait for the model to send anything. The model will recieve your tip and it will be marked as an MFCshare tip.


OK I bought access to an album! Now what?

Navigate to the album.

Just a note to be crystal clear: As with any content you purchase from models online, unless you have purchased copyrights to the content you do not have the right to distribute or sell it in anyway. This includes content that was custom created for you exclusively. Aside from being a douche move if you do this you can face serious legal issues. The only people who have rights to distribute content you buy are and the model you purchase it from. 

IMPORTANT!!! You can download or view content in your browser. It may seem easier to simply stream video and view photos this way. However, IF A MODEL DELETES AN ALBUM you will lose ALL ACCESS to that item. You are NOT purchasing perpetual streaming/viewing access. So if you want to make sure your content is safe, download it.

MODELS CAN CHOOSE IF A VIDEO IS FOR DOWNLOAD OR STREAMING ONLY. Currently there is nothing before purchase that indicates whether a video is streaming only or is downloadable. If this is important to you, please request this feature be added and make sure you check with the model before you buy. 


 For a photo set you’ll see all the photos, and if you click on one it will show you something like this:

To save a photo the only current way to do so is to right click the image and click save as. Which is weird….. 


Streaming and Downloading: Videos can be streamed and if the model has set them to be downloadable you can download them. If they are streaming only you’ll see no download icon at the bottom. If you’re on mobile or a slow connection and struggling to stream you should consider setting this lower.

Video Quality: The video can be up to 4k. The options shown will give you the best possible options for that video and lower quality options also. Currently there is nothing to indicate what quality a video is available in before you purchase.  If this is important to you, please request this feature be added and make sure you check with the model before you buy. 



Clubs are very flexible and models can use them lots of different ways. If you have questions, talk to the model whose club you’re joining.

Privacy: Models have the option to make member names publically listed or not publically listed on a club. There is nothing that tells you what she has chosen before you purchase. If you purchase access to a club and you see the list of names after purchase you will have the option to hide your name from the list. Next to your name it will say “hide username” click that and you will be shown as anonymous. See the screenshot below

What happens after I join? 

You’ll be redirected to the club you tipped for. If you do not see it, or don’t want to look at it right now you can always get back to it by going to the clubs tab in the left side menu.

You will see the club with the price listed. You do not need to tip that price, just click the club. You’ll be taken to a screen that looks something like this:

Green Bar: A green bar at the top will tell you that you are a member and how long your membership is for.

Description & Notes: Under the tip button you’ll see a description of the club and any secret notes the model has set to reveal after you get access to the club.

Member List: Next you’ll see a list of members and you’ll have the option to hide your user name.

Albums: Any albums in the club will be underneath the member list. You’ll see a list of previews and if they are free with your membership you’ll see a lock icon and the word “FREE”. If there is a price for the album you’ll see that price. To view or download content from an album just click on it. 

Remember: Any promises in a club description that are not albums are the models  responsibility to provide. You need to contact her to work this out. A model can delete a club at any time, or delete a member from a club.


When you access an item by tipping, using a password or redeeming a voucher you will get access to any pictures the model has added to that item. There is no video upload option for items. You’ll also see any hidden notes the model has set. If you tip for an item and there are no clear instructions on what to do next contact the model and ask.


A model can send you a voucher for a club, item, collection or album. This voucher gives you FREE access to that item. If it’s a club the voucher may specify a specific membership time or lifetime. Models can use an automatic MFC mail button to MFC mail you your voucher link or they can copy paste a link to give to you. Models can see when you’ve redeemed a voucher and can cancel a voucher before it’s redeemed.

When you click a voucher link it will take you to something that looks like the screenshot below. Simply click the green “Redeem” button to redeem.

After you redeem the item you will be redirected to a page containing the item with a green message that looks like this:


You can click on any albums to view them. If it is an item or club any secret notes (these may contain instructions) will be revealed and in the case of anything promised that MFCshare cannot deliver (ie. if you tip for an item like mailed panties or a club that has “skype show” included) you should contact the model directly to get this.




I tipped for something, used a password or redeemed a voucher but now I can’t find it?

You’ll find items, albums and albums from collections in the “Tipped” tab on the left side menu.

You’ll find albums from clubs in the “Clubs” tab.

If you still can’t find something it is possible the model has deleted that content or club and you should contact her directly to find out.

I tipped for something, used a password or redeemed a voucher but I still see a price on it?

Click it.

Just click it. It will let you access it … don’t worry.

What if I want to tip for something anonymously?

While you can hide your name from other viewers when you join a club at this time there is no way to tip for anything anymously. The model will know.

The model deleted something and didn’t tell me! I hate her forever!!

There’s no easy way for models to find out who has tipped for what. We can go through our tip logs, mfc mails, and we can see – in one HUGE list who has redeemed vouchers.. but beyond that we’re screwed. So if a model deletes content or does something odd.. or something doesn’t work quite right, please contact her before you get your panties in a wad. MFCshare is new to all of us, so we may not have even realized we needed to do anything. Models are under no obligation to leave things up and may even be required to take them down if they break rules or have legal or safety issues.

What happens when I tip for an item when the model is online. Does it count towards her countdown?

If the model has an active countdown running and IF she has her chatroom settings set to allow MFCshare tips to count to her countdown then they will come off the countdown. You should ask the model what her settings are before you tip.

Email Notifications and Penis Phobias

The account options button is up next to the top right corner. Click for a drop down Menu, then choose Settings or Logout.

Log out is ..self explanatory.

Settings takes you to the following screen where you can hide things that have boys (COOTIES!!) and manage your email notifications.



Models have the option to make items unlisted. The only way you’ll get access to an unlisted item is if someone sends you a direct link or voucher for it, or if you’ve already tipped for it or been given access and then that model marks it as unlisted after the fact.

You’ll know an item is unlisted because you’ll see an icon at the top right corner that has an eye with a line through it.

Why would a model make an item unlisted?

She may not want people to be able to buy it anymore but may still want you to be able to have access. She may be delivering exclusive or custom content. Or she may simply be trying to keep a low profile. The important thing to know is that if she’s given you access to unlisted content that you can still access it from your clubs or tipped tabs.




Let me know if you found this helpful and leave comments if you think I missed anything important! Also Models – if you’d like tutorials like this one for our side of MFCshare please let me know.




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