Images in my basic sections appear blurry!

Blurry images are usually caused due to having your image settings wrong in the Profile Builder.

Quick Fix:

From the Basic Section Editor under the Editor Tab find the blurry image and click to select it. In the pop up menu select the grey pencil icon to edit your image.

This should open a screen called Image Details. Under Display Settings, in the Size Dropdown Menu select Full Size. Click the blue update button.

Tip: You can save this step by paying attention to the Display Settings in the Image Uploader whenever you upload an image. Be sure to set it to Full Size.

If your image is too small even when set to full size you can click to drag to resize it in the basic sections. However if you make it bigger than full size it will become blurry. Create a bigger image to fix this.

Tip: The width of the Profile Wrapper is 930px so if you want your images to fill all the available space make sure your image is at least 930px wide. 

Want to learn more about image sizes & how to avoid blurry images?

We created a video tutorial that explains in more detail about image settings and best practices to get clean crisp full size images.