I installed my Profile on Myfreecams but it doesn’t look like it did in the Profile Builder preview.


We know this is the equivilent of being told ‘have you tried turning it off and on again?” but this simple step will often resolve any issue you’re having.  Even if you are sure you did everything right glitches in your internet or on Myfreecams could cause a problem. Before you do anything else go back to the Code button on the Profile Builder and carefully reinstall your profile. Pay special attention that you are selecting all of the code in each box and that you are installing each box in the correct location on your Myfreecams model admin. Make sure you click save or update in the Myfreecams update.

Sometimes advanced users get in the habit of cutting corners and only installing the HTML in box one. If your nav bar, fonts or other design elements look wrong this is a good hint that something went wrong in your CSS installation. This is why we advise, even if you are an advanced user that you always get in the habit of reinstalling all of your code. 

Check your MFC Settings

Go to your Myfreecams Model Admin area and in the left side menu click “Edit Profile”. At the top under Profile HTML Layout check that you have “Use the new HTML layout” option selected.

(Only models who have been on Myfreecams for a long time will see these options. If you don’t see them, skip this)

Next under Profile Sections click the blue Organize Sections button and check that you have these sections set to display.

Especially important are your About Me section (the bulk of your profile data goes here, so it needs to be shown) and if you use Nav bars or choose to display the CammodelExpress logo on your profile, the Interests & Hobbies area must be displayed.

If you’re running into other display issues we reccomend you set everything to be displayed except the three Hidden Sections below. You can hide your Galleries, Schedule & Message wall within the Profile Builder so there is no need to do it here.

Finally check your CSS settings

From your Model Admin area in Myfreecams in the left side menu click “Customize Profile” and check that the Include CSS Framework drop down menu is set to None