I didn’t make any changes but my profile on Myfreecams is suddenly appearing broken.

Check your subscription

Go to the My Account page and check that your subscription is up to date. Our FAQ has more info about why your profile may appear broken if your subscription has expired.

Check your model name & broadcaster ID

If your subscription is current then check that your model name is set correctly in the Profile Builder. From the Main Menu click the Basic Settings button and check that your model name and broadcaster ID are correct.

We provide hotlinking protection so that people cannot easily directly link to images on your profile. To do this we tie the images on your profile to your model name. If your model name changes on Myfreecams our system scans and fixes it in the Profile Builder once a day.  Our system may not have caught your name change yet which is why your profile might be appearing broken. Make sure to get in the habit of updating your name in the Profile Builder anytime you change your model name on Myfreecams.