Showcase Section

Showcase sections (previously called Video showcases) are designed to help you sell your content quickly and easily. They were designed for videos but you can easily use them to sell any item or service. Before we explain how to set them up here are two frequently asked questions about showcases.

What happens when someone clicks on an item in a showcase?

Do you send the items to the member?



Begin by creating a Showcase Section then from the left side Section Menu click the blue cog wheel to edit your showcase.

Learn more about the basics of creating, editing and organizing sections here


This should open the Showcase Editor. In the Section Settings tab you can set up your settings for this showcase.

Section Settings


Under the Section Settings tab in the Section Name box you can type the name of your section and click one of the three alignment icons above it to choose how your section name will display.alignment Note, if have your heading set not to display the alignment will not matter.

Under Section Shortcut you can create a section shortcut if you wish to link to this section from a nav bar. Learn more about how to set up and use navigation bars here. It is safe to leave this blank if you don’t have or want a navigation bar right now.

At the bottom of the Sections Settings tab you’ll see two checkboxes. Active Section will make this section visible on you profile (and the profile preview). Show Heading will display your Section Name on your profile.


Once you’re done with your Section Settings at the top of the page click the Section Style tab.

Section Style


Under the Section Style tab choose from the Showcase Styles using the drop down menu. When you click on a different showcase, a preview should load in the box.

Hint: Some of the showcases contain hover over elements so make sure you move your cursor over them. Presently, these are showcases 2 and 5 thru 8.

You can change your mind at any point so for now pick one that looks good. If you want to change the colors and fonts you can do so under Theme Settings. Learn more about Theme Settings

You’re ready to start adding items to your showcase!

 Showcase Item Manager

At  the bottom of the page click the white Manage Showcase Items button INSERT PICTURE HERE 

This should load the Showcase Item Manager in the right side of the screen.

At the bottom of the page click the blue Add Item Button INSERT PICTURE HERE and this should load the Edit Showcase Item page. 

At the top of the screen you can choose to check or leave unchecked the New Item Checkbox 

  New Item?

This will put a small label on the left side of that item that will say “New!”. The look and design of the label will vary depending on the Profile Theme you are using and the Theme Settings. 


In the Item Title Box give your item a name. This could be the title of a video, the name of a service you are selling or something else.

In the Item Description Box you can type a short description for your item. There is a 100 character limit in order to make sure  your descriptions will fit into the showcase designs correctly.

Note: HTML tags are stripped from Showcases 5,6,7, and 8 during code generation. Showcase 3 does not use the description!

You can leave this box blank if you don’t want a description, or if you are using showcase 3.

If your item is a video or audio file with a runtime that you would like to include in the Runtime Box you can enter runtime.

Note: If you’d like to use this small area for something else you can! You have 16 characters for anything you like here.

In the Item Price (in Tokens) Box type the price of your items in tokens.


In an effort to keep Showcase Sections as versatile as possible any of these boxes can be left blank. 

Item Thumbnails

At the bottom of the page in the Item Thumbnail Box you can upload a preview image for your item. If your item is a video or photoset this will likely be a still shot from the video. For other services or items you may wish to upload a related graphic. For some Tips on how to get great video thumbnails click here. You can also upload an animated GIF that is under 4mb.


Uploading Images

To upload your image click the blue Upload Buttonupload

This will open your Media Library. You can find an image you have already uploaded or upload a new image by going to the Upload Files tab at the top left corner.uploadtab

Do not try to upload video or audio files here. The only files you can upload to showcases are .jpg .png and .gif files. More info about how to deliver your content to members here

In the middle of the page click the Select Files button to navigate to the file in your computer and upload it. Select the item, make any changes in the right side menu under ATTATCHMENT DETAILS & ATTATCHMENT SETTINGS then at the bottom right of the page click the blue Select Button to load your image. This should bring you back to the Showcase Item Manager.


Using an image from somewhere else on the internet

If you already have uploaded your image somewhere else you can click the blue Show URL button  showurl  and paste the URL of the image into the box that should appear. Click Enter or Return and your image should display in the thumbnail preview.

Important: If you are using GIFS you must set the GIF to full size in order for it to display correctly. 

For more tips to get the most out of your showcases click here

When you’re done creating your item at the bottom of the page click the blue Save Changes Button. save

This should load the Showcase Item Manager page and you should see your item displayed in the list.

Organizing, Editing & Deleting Showcase Items

In the Showcase Item Manager you should see your items displayed in a list.

To make changes to an item click the blue cog wheel button on the right side of the item under Actions.  This should take you back to the Edit Showcase Item page to make your changes.

To delete an item from the Showcase Item Manager page click the red x button on the right side of the item under Actions. Be careful! Deleting an item cannot be reversed.


Items can be organized via Drag & Drop. In the Showcase Item Manager click anywhere in the background of an item and hold down to drag it to whatever position you’d like it to appear in.