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About Section Settings

All sections have some basic settings when you first load them. This

After creating a section, from the left side section menu click the blue cog wheel button to edit the section

This should open the Section Editor for that section in the right side preview area.

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Section Name

The Section Name is the heading or name you’d like your section to have. This will also be the label for your section in the left side Sections Menu.

In the Section Name Box type the heading you’d like to appear at the top of your FAQ. This will also be the label for your section in the left side Sections Menu. If you don’t want your section to have a visible heading you can turn it off later but you should give your section a name here.

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Heading Alignment

Above the Section Name Box you can select one of the three Alignment Icons alignment

These will align your heading to the left, center, or right side of the Profile Wrapper. The default is centered.

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Section Shortcut

If you are going to have a Navigation Bar on your profile and would like to create a link in it to your FAQ section, you can enter a Section Shortcut in the Section Shortcut Box. Need more info about how to do this? Click here to visit Navigation Bars: How to set them up and use them . If you don’t have a navigation bar yet or do not want one it’s safe to leave this box blank.

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Section Toggles

Underneath the Section Shortcut Box there are two toggle switches. When they are set to ON they will be green and the toggle will be on the right side. When set to OFF they will be grey and the toggle will be on the left side. You can change the toggle setting by clicking anywhere on the toggle switch.

If you want your section to show on your installed profile on MFC make sure the Active Section Toggle is on. More about how this works here: Inactive Sections 

If you do not want your Section Name to be displayed as a heading on your MFC profile uncheck the Show Heading Box. 

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Now you’ve learned how to set up your Section Settings we reccomend you get started creating some sections! We suggest you start with a Basic Section