Organizing, Editing & Deleting Sections

Think of the sections on your profile as building blocks of content that you can organize any way you want. Your imagination and creativity here is the only thing in your way!

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 Sections Menu at a glance

Section Example


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What sections should I create first?

To get started we suggest you create a basic section, a social media section, a tip menu and a showcase. 

Tip: It might be tempting to go straight to Theme Settings to start making your profile look pretty! Until you have some basic content on your profile however you won’t be able to see what certain theme settings do. If you’re itching to start playing with colors, fonts etc (we know, thats the fun bit) create some sample sections. You can put sample text or pictures in for now and come back later.

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 Organizing: How to change the order in which sections appear on your profile

Sections are organized via Drag & Drop. In the left side Sections Menu click anywhere in the background of  a section and hold down to drag it to whatever position you’d like it to appear in. On the right side the Preview Window should automatically refresh to show your changes.

If you ever can’t see the Preview Window, simply click the blue Save Changes button then click the orange Go back/Cancel button to navigate back to the Preview Window.goback

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How to edit a section

From the left side Sections Menu click the blue button with the cog wheel icon. This will let you edit a section. Each section has different edit options you can learn about HERE

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How to delete a section

From the left side Sections Menu click the red X button.delete


ONLY do this if you are SURE you wish to delete the section and do not need any of the data you have put into it. This is not reversable.

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 How to make a section inactive

Inactive sections save the section content in the Profile Builder but they won’t display on your profile. They are useful if you need to prepare sections in advance for promotions or special events or to turn parts of your profile on or off depending on your needs.

There are two easy ways to make a section INACTIVE or ACTIVE

Method 1: 

From the left side Sections Menu double click anywhere on the section and it will turn red. To make it ACTIVE again just double click it again. It should turn back to light grey.inactive


Method 2:

 From the left side Sections Menu click the Blue Cog Wheel Button. This should open the Edit Section Menu in the right side window. Use the top scroll bar to scroll down until you see  the Active Section Checkbox. Check this box to make a section inactive, then at the bottom of the page click the blue Save Changes button.


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Now you’ve learned the basics of how to use sections we reccomend you get started creating some sections! We suggest you start with a Basic Section then click here to learn about Section Settings.