FAQ Section

About the FAQ Section

The Profile Builder allows you set up a preformatted FAQ style section for your profile. It’s a simple format, so it could be used for other applications too, play around with it and see what you can come up with!

If you are not sure how to create a FAQ section visit Sections: Creating and Organizing the content on your profile first.

FAQ editor

Create a FAQ section and click the blue settings cog  bluesettingscog and the right side preview window should display the FAQ Editor.

FAQ Section Setup

There are a number of options to set up your FAQ section at the top of the right side preview window.

In the right side preview window, under FAQ Editor in the Section Name Box type the heading you’d like to appear at the top of your FAQ. This will also be the label for your section in the left side Sections Menu. If you don’t want your FAQ to have a heading, you can turn it off later.

Above the Section Name Box you can select one of the three Alignment Icons alignment

These will align your heading to the left, center, or right side of the Profile Wrapper. The default is centered.

If you are going to have a Navigation Bar on your profile and would like to create a link in it to your FAQ section, you can enter a Section Shortcut in the Section Shortcut Box. Need more info about how to do this? Click here to visit Navigation Bars: How to set them up and use them . If you don’t have a navigation bar yet or do not want one it’s safe to leave this box blank.

Underneath the Section Shortcut Box there are two check boxes. sectionsetupboxes

If you want your section to show on your installed profile on MFC make sure the Active Section Box is checked. More about how this works here: Inactive Sections 

If you do not want your Section Heading to be displayed on your MFC profile uncheck the Show Heading Box. 

Under FAQ Style select Style 1 or Style 2 from the Dropdown Menu. The Right Side Preview Window will display a preview of how this style will look.

Now your FAQ is set up!

From the bottom of the right side window click the blue Save Changes Button  goback

Tip: Don’t like the styles available?  You might want to create your own custom FAQ layout in a Basic Section.

Adding FAQ Items

Once your FAQ Section is set up, you’ll want to add some questions and answers to your FAQ. In the right side window, from the FAQ Editor at the bottom of the page click the white Manage FAQ Items Button managefaqitemsbutton

This should load the FAQ Manager in the same window. At the bottom of the page click the blue Add FAQ Buttonaddfaq this should load up the Edit FAQ page.

In the Question Box enter a question. Note there is a 138 character limit.

In the Answer Box enter an answer. This can be as long as necessary.

Click the blue Save Changes Button goback

You should be redirected back to the FAQ Manager. Repeat this process to add as many FAQ items as you like.

Tip: Not sure what to add to your FAQ? Check out our Inspiration page for some ideas!

Organizing, Editing & Deleting FAQ Items

From the FAQ Manager you should see a list of all the items you have created. From this list you can easily organize, edit & delete items.


To organize the order they appear simply click on an item and Drag & Drop it into the position you’d like it to be displayed in.

Tip: If you’d like new items you add to automatically go to the top of the list visit Basic Settings and make sure you’ve checked the “New items appear first in the list?” Checkbox


To Edit an FAQ item find the item in the list and click the Blue Settings Cog on the far right under actions.  editanddelete

This should load up the Edit FAQ page. Make any changes you want to your FAQ Question or Answer then click the Blue Save Changes Buttonsave

You should be redirected back to the FAQ Manager.


To delete an FAQ item find the item in the list and click the Red X Button on the far right under actions. editanddelete

This should launch a pop up window that looks like this:


Click “OK”.

This action cannot be reversed, so please be careful.

Previewing your completed FAQ Section

In the FAQ Manager at the bottom of the screen click the orange Back to FAQ Options button. backtofaq

This should load the FAQ Editor page. At the bottom of the screen click the orange Go Back/Cancel Button goback

This should load your Profile Preview in the right side Preview Window.  You’ll be able to check out your new FAQ section!

If you want to change where the FAQ appears on your profile visit Organizing, Editing & Deleting Sections