Editing Media In Basic Sections

Editing Media

Once your media has been inserted you may need to make some changes. Click on the image to pop up the edit media toolbar.

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Quick resize

Click the image and a border with four squares will appear around it. You can use the four boxes at the edges to resize your image for small tweaks and changes. Do NOT use this to enlarge your image by much, or your image will appear blurry. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

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Delete Media

In the pop up toolbar that appears when you click an image you can select the X icon to delete your image.

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Image/Text alignment

In the pop up toolbar that appears when you click an image the 4 grey alignment icons let you control how your image is aligned in relation to text in your basic section.

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Edit Image Details Window

In the pop up toolbar that appears when you click an image, click the grey pencil icon.

The Image Details window should appear. This window can be used to make several advanced changes to your image.

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Caption & Alternative text

Entering text in the Caption box will cause text to appear underneath your image as a caption.

Entering text in the alternative text box will cause this text to be displayed if for any reason your image does not load on your page correctly.

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Alignment Buttons

These options allow you to control how your image is aligned. They do exactly the same thing as the alignment buttons in the pop up image toolbar.

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Image Size Dropdown Menu

If you need to change the size of your image this is the best place to do it. It will result in the cleanest possible image.  You can learn about why this is here: Blurry Images In Basic Sections

The dropdown menu will give you several options. Only use custom size if you know what you’re doing!

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Making an image into a link

This can be really handy! Models have used this to create their own unique social media buttons and much more.

From the Image Details window, in the Link To box click Custom URL in the drop down menu. Enter the URL you want your image to link to. Click update to apply this!

Note: The visual editor will not warn you if your link is broken for image links so make sure your URL is correct. 

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Now that you know how to edit images in basic sections, we suggest you learn to use the Basic Section Toolbar.