Using Basic Sections

The basic section is the most flexible section. Think of it like a blank slate. If there’s something you want to create, chances are you can do so here. Many of the menu items will be familiar from word processing applications you may have used.

The Visual Editor lets you create and customize any kind of content you want, including images, text, tables, lists and even your own HTML.

  • Section Settings Tab
  • Editor Tab
  • Visual Editor At A Glance
  • Adding Media
  • How the Visual Editor Content Window Works
  • Adding your own HTML

Sections Settings Tab

The first tab that opens is the Section Settings tab. To learn more about it visit the Sections Settings instructions page.

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Editor Tab

Near the top of the page next to the Section Settings Tab, click the Editor Tab. This should load the basic section Visual Editor window. This area is where you put the content of your Basic Section.

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Visual Editor At A Glance

The visual editor is a very flexible tool. Here it is at a glance!

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How the Visual Editor Content Window Works

The Visual Editor Content Window will look something like this:

The dashed line around the edges shows you the max area you’ll have for your profile content. Depending on your monitor size you may see scroll bars at the sides or bottom to help you navigate.

The text shown is always in a plain font and does NOT reflect your chosen fonts in theme settings. Because of slight variations in font size and spacing the content displayed in the Visual Editor Content Window is intended as a guideline only. To accurately see how it will look on your profile, at the bottom of the Visual Editor Content Window click the blue Save Changes Button then use the orange Go Back/Cancel Button to navigate back to the Profile Preview Area.

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Adding Media

You may have a picture, graphic or gif you’d like to add to your profile this is where you do it! Underneath the Section Settings Tab at the top left corner you’ll see a grey Add Media Button. Click it and it should load a pop up window with the Media Manager. Visit Using The Media Manager to learn how to use this feature. 

If you need to edit your media once you’ve added it to a basic section go to Editing Media In Basic Sections.

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Adding your own HTML (Advanced Users)

If you would like to edit or add your own HTML code to a basic section you can do so. From inside the Editor Tab at the top right corner click the Text Tab. This should load a text only field where you can add, edit or view html code from your basic section. To see how it looks just switch back to the Visual Tab. 

Myfreecams blocks certain kinds of html codes so use this feature with this in mind.

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Now that you know a bit about the Basic Section we suggest you explore the Visual Editor Toolbar