Creating Sections: The content of your profile

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About Sections

Sections are where all the content of your profile page goes.  Using the “Sections” will likely make up the bulk of the time you spend creating your profile. It’s important you understand how they work.

What sections should I create first?

To get started we suggest you create a basic section, a social media section, a tip menu and a showcase.

Tip: It might be tempting to go straight to Theme Settings to start making your profile look pretty! Until you have some basic content on your profile however you won’t be able to see what certain theme settings do. If you’re itching to start playing with colors, fonts etc (we know, thats the fun bit) create some sample sections. You can put sample text or pictures in for now and come back later.

Creating Sections

To begin with from the left hand side Main Menu click the Sections button. This should open the Sections Menu in the left side panel.


You will see a message saying “There are no sections yet”. From the left side Sections Menu click the blue Add Section button at the bottom of the page. This should open the New Section Menu in the left side menu.


In the New Section Menu find the Section Name box and type a name. If you’re just starting out using the Profile Builder you can just type “testing” and come back and change it later.

Next, under Section Type use the drop down menu to select the type of section you want to create. Click here for more info about types of sections. If this is your first time using the Profile Builder we suggest you just select Basic Section to start with.

Next, click the blue Save Changes button. You’ve just created your first section, great job!

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Now you’re done creating your first section, we suggest you visit Organizing, Editing & Deleting Sections