MyFreeCams Profile Size Limit imposes some limits on how many characters can go into the areas where you put your code. The main part of your profile which is the HTML code that goes into the “about me” field has a 200k character limit. As you add more things to your profile the code that we generate gets longer. On very large profiles starts doing some strange things to convert characters. We have learned that some of these conversions can break the code the Profile Builder generates. Because of this we have added a size indicator in the Profile Builder to help you gauge how much space your profile uses on Myfreecams.

If you are in the ‘red’ on the size indicator and you are finding that your profile is displaying incorrectly even after reinstalling everything, try making some of your sections inactive until the indicator goes into the yellow and install it again. If this fixes the display issue it means the size of your profile is too big for character limits. 


If you want to turn off the pop up messages about your profile size you can do so in the Profile Builder under the Main Menu. Click the Basic Settings button and turn the toggle under “Show Profile Size Notifications? (Requires Reload)” to off. Then refresh the page.