How To Keep Your Profile Working After Your Subscription Expires

In June 2020 we will be ending our Profile Builder service. You can read about it here 

We want to make sure that your profile can stay working as long as you need it to after your final subscription expires. You should make any changes before your final subscription date. You will be able to purchase 1-month subscriptions up through April 30th 2020. No subscriptions will be sold that that will extend past June 2020.

You have the rights to use the HTML and CSS code as long as you wish. However, we host all your images and after your subscription ends so does your image hosting. Some themes have special graphics (like our winter themes with snowflakes etc). These will break also when your subscription is over so we do recommend you switch to the Default Theme if you want to try to keep your profile up and running.

How To Keep Graphics in Basic Sections:

This tutorial will teach you to host your own images so they don’t break when our hosting is gone. If you don’t have any graphics or images uploaded to the Profile Builder you don’t need to worry about this.

Step 1:

A simple free way to do this is to use MFC’s built-in image hosting. You can host your images other places but MFC does block certain image hosts. They won’t ever block images hosted on their own site so this is the safest way also. To do this you will need to go to your MFC model admin area.

Once there, in the left side menu click “Upload Photos” then click the green “Add files” button as shown below.

Step 2:

After Uploading your photo, click “Manage Photos” in the left side menu and then left-click the image itself. It should appear under “Unassigned” (this is fine, it means it won’t show up on your profile galleries at all).


Step 3:

Click “Get Photo Url” from the drop-down menu that appears when you click your image.

Step 4:

Select the text in the box, then either right-click and select “Copy” in the drop-down menu or use Ctrl+C to copy the URL.


Step 5:

Open Cammodel Express and navigate to the Profile Builder. Open the basic section you wish you put your graphic or image into and click “Add Media” as usual. Instead of clicking to Upload your file click “Insert from URL” in the left side menu panel.

Step 6:

Paste the URL of your image from MFC into the box. You can do this by right-clicking inside the box and clicking paste OR you can use Ctrl+V.

Your image should appear below and options like alignment, image link and captions etc. When you are ready you can click the blue “Insert Image” button at the bottom to insert it into your section. 


Step 7 (Optional):

There are no resizing options in this area but once inserted you can left-click anywhere on the image in the basic section editor preview and click the edit button. This will bring up the usual resize menu you would get when uploading an image directly.

How To Keep Graphics In Showcases:

Since MFC Share now hosts most models content and the Profile Builder allows you to embed MFCshare into your profile most models are no longer using showcases. We strongly suggest you switch to MFCshare. However, if you still want to host images using showcases you can do so entering the showcase Edit Item menu as normal and clicking the “show URL” button.


Then paste the URL into the box as shown below. Then save as normal. *Important, your image must be the correct size or it may appear stretched/strange. Each showcase has different dimensions for their images* 



How to keep Background/Banner Images

In the Theme settings where you would ordinarily upload your images, simply select “Show URL” and paste the URL to the image in.

Social Networking Buttons:

Our social media buttons are images hosted on our servers so after your subscription is over they will no longer display. You can upload your own buttons as images with links attached in a basic section or use the nav bar to create text links instead. I’m not sure how much demand there will be for this, but if you need a tutorial on how to create a button in a basic section please ask.


Making Changes After The Subscription Has Ended:

If you do not want to renew your subscription or if our end of service date has passed (June 2020) you will need to make any changes manually in your code. Please note that this requires  HTML knowledge and we do not provide any support for broken profiles. If you want to try making changes save the code before your subscription ends to a notepad file. Keep a Master copy before making any changes.

Your HTML will be contained in Box 1. To switch out images you’ll need to search for the URL of your image and then replace it in the code.


This is just a little personal advice – it may not apply to you but I do want to share my thoughts.

MFC profiles are being phased out in favor of MFCshare. However you will still want to have something in place on your MFC Profile to give basic links and information and keep your page looking professional. Profiles used to be constantly in need of updates and changes as we added and removed content, tip menus, deals etc. This is why the Profile Builder was so handy, but these updates are no longer as important. My personal advice to you is that you set your profile up in a way that won’t need many changes on a regular basis. Put your important links to MFCshare etc in there and keep it simple and easy to navigate. Your changing promotional content (sales, tip menus etc) can go on your Whiteboard or even MFCshare now.


Need a Fresh Start?

We’d like to keep a list of profile designers here for you. If you have one to recommend or add please let us know.

Profile Designers

Profile Editors:

(To my knowledge this is the only editor available. It works a lot like ours but you will need to do more copy/pasting of code and code editing)



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