Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when someone clicks on an item in a showcase?

When someone clicks on a video it will automatically open a tip window with the models name, the tip amount (if any) pre-entered and a tip note saying “I would like to purchase “title” for “x” tokens”. Title will be the item’s title, and ‘x’ will be the price of the item. It is important to note that members can change the tip note and tip amount manually so you should double check all prices before sending content. If someone clicks on the link and does not have an MFC account or does not have any tokens it will prompt them to buy tokens

Do you send the items to the member?

We do not host your videos or any other items. We cannot and will not email members on your behalf. We are not a video hosting service. When you receive a tip from a member for a video or other item you will be responsible for delivering that content or service.

For video hosting we reccomend:

This page on camgirlwiki has more information about the basics of selling videos