What is the Profile Builder?

The Profile Builder is a tool which allows you to build your MFC profile without the need to learn HTML or CSS. For more information about the Profile Builder and to see instructions check out our Wiki.

What is the demo version of the Profile Builder?

The demo version of the Profile Builder has all of the features which are in the full version except code generation. The demo does NOT allow you to generate the HTML and CSS code to install on your Myfreecams profile, to do this you need to subscribe.

When I subscribe do I lose what I did in the demo version?

It depends.

If you subscribe before the 7 day demo period all of your settings and images will be retained and used in the full version of the Profile Builder when you subscribe. However, all settings and images are removed from our server after the 7 day demo period expires, so if you subscribe after that 7 day period your images and settings will not be retained.

How do I subscribe?

Go to our products page and select the best option that works for you. Currently we have 2 options available. A thirty (30) day subscription and a one (1) year (365 days) subscription.

What do I get with a subscription to the Profile Builder?

You get access to the Profile Builder, the ability to install your profile on MFC, and you are able to use our image hosting, which is integrated with the Profile Builder and is Adult Content Friendly, per the “User Content” clause of our Terms and Conditions.

What happens when my subscription expires?

You will not have access to the Profile Builder until you’ve subscribed again

All resources hosted on our servers (images, fonts, etc) will become inaccessible until you’ve subscribed again. This means that all the fonts and images on your profile will appear broken and will drastically affect how your profile looks.

Also, we will keep your images and profile data for sixty (60) days, after which all images and profile data will be removed from our servers permanently.

Can I keep using my profile after my subscription expires?

YES! The code generated by the Profile Builder is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license for any purpose, including commercial.

DISCLAIMER: Images hosted on our servers will not appear on your expired profile, you’ll need find a new image host, upload them, and change the code to make them work again. We do not provide technical support for expired profiles.

Can someone else purchase a Profile Builder subscription for me?

Yes! All they need to do is register on our site and purchase a gift voucher found on on our product page. Once their purchase is complete they will recieve an email with a gift code in it. When you are logged into your account you can enter the gift code on the gift history page to apply the subscription to your account instantly. If you already have an active subscription it will be automatically extended.

For complete instructions visit our wiki here

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept Mastercard and Visa credit or debit cards through our payment processor Verotel.

How will the charge appear on my bank statement?

You will see a charge from vtsup.com*CammodelEx on your bank statement. We understand that you may need to be discreet about using our service and we hope this will help.

My bank declined the transaction, why?

Verotel is based in the Netherlands, if your bank has international fraud protection in place you may need to let them know you will be making an international purchase. Most banks do not have a problem, however if your transaction is declined the fastest solution is to give them a call.

Purchases are processed by Verotel, an International Payment Processor. Some banks charge fees for International Debit transactions. We have no control over these fees and they are not included in the final purchase price. You should check your banks policies if you are concerned about this.