Before You Broadcast – Advice for Myfreecams Newbies


Before You Broadcast

So, you’ve signed up, you’ve been accepted and now you’re sat staring at your PC like.. oh my shit. Yeah, I was there, I remember that feeling well.. Take a deep breath, t’will all be fine!

So, firstly. Don’t broadcast. Unless you have already sat and watched MFC and know how the site works, got to know the system, where everything is and even watched some girls for inspiration and EVEN have a cool profile.. (if you’ve done all these things, GG and High Five!). If you HAVEN’T done all these things, DO THEM.

The one thing that MFC do not tell you and probably one of the most important things is this; Your first week as a model is your most important if you want to do well. You get ”New Model” status which means you are bumped on the page and A LOT of guys go looking there for new and interesting girls to tip! Do NOT log on unless you know you can work your ass off and make the most of this week because after those 7 days are up, the Camscore you finish it with is your starting point as a model on MFC.. NOONE told me this and I suffered because of it! SO;

  • Learn where everything is in your Model Page.

  • Set up your payment method.

  • Mess around with your webcam settings/make sure you know how to use it.

  • Watch some of the top girls, watch how they are, what they do, the way they speak and act.

  • Chat with some models under a Premium Account (A Prem Account Is A MUST IMO).

  • Get yourself a twitter, follow some girls, Interact, gain some followers.

  • If you want to do Snapchat, set it up.

  • If you want to do Content, make some ready

  • Create yourself a profile

  • Think about what you want to DO in your room, are you naked girl or a fun girl.

  • Think of some clubs you want, a tip menu, look at other girls profiles for inspiration (there is NOTHING wrong with this)

  • Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to deal with Trolls, MFC has  ALOT of them. Thick skin ladies!

  • Make sure your Cam Area is tidy and everything is within reach, nothing worse than ”I’ve lost my damn paddle again”.

  • Where possible have snacks/bottled drinks in your Cam Area for easy access, long times away from cam means people leave.

There is so MUCH advice I can give and I will add to this list [on the website] as I remember, I am brain dead most days..

My Main Point Here..

Take advantage of your first week on MFC, work your ass off, go into this with a profile ready, content to sell, snapchats, KIK’s, everything, hold your head up high when dealing with trolls, learn from other girls, be part of the community and you will be ready to do this thing properly.. I wish there had been someone to tell me all of this when I started because my MFC career would have been very different!

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This article is used with permission from KaylaStein.


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