About Us


CammodelExpress is a website run by a camgirl, Miss Lollipop and a super geek, Moros1138.

Our Mission

Internet, the final frontier. These are the voyages of a Veteran Camgirl and a Super Geek. Our continuing mission to be as helpful as possible. To seek out newer and safer technologies. To boldly go… you get the point. We have a passion and desire to bring information and technology to the fingertips of the cammodel community. The information available to the cammodel community is both vast and fragmentary. It is our goal to provide a unified resource for cammodels to learn from.

The Profile Builder

Do you cam on MyFreeCams? What if we told you that you can have a beautiful, functional profile that you can update anytime, without help for less than 69¢ a day?

The profile builder is a tool for MyFreeCams profiles that lets you log in and build your own profile without knowing or editing HTML and CSS code.

Our profile builder is run as an affordable monthly ($19.99)  or yearly ($179.99) subscription.

We host your images and our tool generates code. You copy and paste them into your MyFreeCams profile and you’re good to go! Making changes is as easy as logging in, making the change and then copy/paste and click update!

There’s much more that you’ll be able to check out on your own. Here’s our FAQ for more info

Want to try it yourself? Register a user name in menu to your right and try it in demo mode for 7 days. If you purchase before your demo runs out everything you’ve created will still be there for you to install!

Fresh Face Academy

Want to attend an adult convention? Are you scared shitless?

Cammodel Express will be hosting an event for camgirls who have never attended an adult convention before.  You’ll be surrounded by other cam models in a positive environment. Click here for more info.

If you’d like to be on the mailing list for this event please contact us and ask!

Tutorials & Resources

We posting regular free tutorials and helpful thingies on this blog! If you’re a cammodel and have something useful to share please contact us about contributing!

We’ll also occasionally post important news or events for the cammodel community.

You should also check out this page in the wiki for even more resources!


Who are we?


I have six years experience as a successful full time cam model. During this time, I’ve made an effort to put myself out there and communicate, learn and share with the camgirl community. I hope that I have built a reputation as a professional camgirl and a member of the camgirl community. I found that I enjoyed helping new models especially, but couldn’t offer as much of my time to this as I wanted to. I’m excited to be able to dedicate a larger portion of time to helping cam models make camming work for them!


I was born in a small, relatively unimportant city in central Wisconsin. I grew up with an older brother and a younger sister. I worked for one company or another… I have developed a passion for computer programming, graphics, and design. I have taught myself HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, and a half dozen other scripting languages. I provide various multimedia services. I do web design, graphics, and video editing. I have a passion for scripting and I think it shows in the results of my work.